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Digital SMD LED Ribbon RGB (DigiRibbonTM II)

Model Number


Length & Width (mm)

LED Q’ty

LED Type

Light Output (mcd)

Light Output

Beam Angle

Voltage (V DC)

Current (Amps)

Max. Power Consumption (W)

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- decorative lights for disco, bars, cafe
- lights for shows and events
- lights for shop display and decoration

DigiRibbonTM II uses super bright 3-in-1 SMD RGB LEDs as the light source. With help of the built-in Microchips on the ribbon, the LEDs long life spam and color consistency can be maintained. DigiRibbon II produces a hundreds of patterns of color synchronization, sequence, advancing, rolling and flash.

To realize the various effects, DigiRibbonTM II needs our controller RFG-WC5 controllers. RFG-WC5 brings the effects of color flowing, chasing, rolling, advancing, replacing, strobe etc.

About RFG-WC5


  1. The requested power supply for RFG-WC5 is DC12V1.5A
  2. The max. controlling distance for signal sending to receiving device is 300 meters. The optimal distance is 100 meters.
  3. The working temperature is -30~+60 ℃
  4. RFG-WC5 has memory function.

RFG-WC5 controllers also have similar appearance as RFG-WC1. The size is compact, delicate and the controlling way is by wireless radio. With RFG-WC5you can do the color effects behind a wall with the controller panel. The optimal signal distance is within 100 meters from the controller signal receiving device to the sender.

RFG-WC5 models Vs DigiRibbonTM II length
RFG-WC5-A 5-10m
RFG-WC5-B 10-20m
RFG-WC5-C 20-40m
RFG-WC5-D 40-60m
RFG-WC5-E 60-80m
RFG-WC5-F 80-100m

Key details
Key 1: Mode +
Key 2: Mode –
Mode 3: Speed +
Key 4: Speed –
Key 5: Modes demonstration, showing all 15 modes
Key 6: power on/off

There are 14 pro-set modes for the controller RFG-WC5.
1) 7 colors flowing
- red color flowing
- yellow color flowing
- green color flowing
- Cyan color flowing
- blue color flowing
- purple color flowing
- white color flowing

2) 2 LED dots running mode in come-and-go way
- red running
- green running
- blue running
- purple running
- yellow running
- cyan running

3) 2 LED dots running in come-and-go way, with grounding
- red dots run with yellow grounding
- green dots run with white grounding
- purple dots run with red grounding
- blue dots run with green grounding
- yellow dots run with purple grounding
- cyan dots run with blue grounding

4) 7 colors move forward and backward
- red moves forward and backward
- yellow moves forward and backward
- green moves forward and backward
- cyan moves forward and backward
- blue moves forward and backward
- purple moves forward and backward
- white moves forward and backward

5) 7 colors move from the ribbon end and ribbon start then back to the end.
- red moves
- yellow moves
- green moves
- cyan moves
- blue moves
- purple moves
- white moves

6) 7 colors move forward with color grounding
- red moves
- yellow moves with red grounding
- green moves with yellow grounding
- cyan moves with green grounding
- blue moves with cyan grounding
- purple moves with blue grounding
- white moves with purple grounding

7) 7 colors move from the ribbon end with color grounding, opposite to mode 6.

8) colors move forward overcrossing another color grounding
- red moves to the ribbon end and works as color grounding
- yellow moves from the ribbon end with red grounding
- green moves from the ribbon start with yellow grounding
- cyan moves from the ribbon end with green grounding
- blue moves from the ribbon start with cyan grounding
- purple moves from the ribbon end with blue grounding
- white moves from the ribbon start with purple grounding

9) another cycling of mode 9 from ribbon end

10) Single color strobe
- yellow
- green
- cyan
- blue
- purple
- white

11) static red
12) static green
13) static blue
14) static purple


RFG-WID-RGB demo video download here

Waterproof version available now
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