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Application : Lights for billboard,architecture,
building walls,court,parking lot,gymnasium,
dock,park,tree decoration,sculpture or other
Environment temperature limitation : -40~45℃

Working voltage: DC24V
Max.working current: 2.06A
LED type: 3W Edison RGB LED
LED layout: 18 pcs Edsion
     3-in-1 RGB LED

Housing: Aluminum + tempered glass
Rate: IP65
Power: 50W
Beam angle: 25°or 38°
Projection distance: 20 meters
Weight: 3KG

Safety information
1. To ensure the feature of water-resistance, unauthorized personnel is not allowed to disassemble wall washer construction
2. The safety working temperature is -20°C~40°C deg. Celsius.Make the product work in the circumstances with this temperature range. Otherwise the product will break down or components inside may have a shorter life span.The average temperature on the product body is 42 deg. Celsius. It is suggested the product is installed beyond the direct hand
touch on the metal body.
3. Don’t give a stress on the front surface of the glass with more than 0.2MPa/m
4. There is a plastic end cap at the output cord. Unless more wall washers are to be connected, the end cap is not allowed to be detached, Detaching end cap may destroy the feature of water-resistance.
5. Don’t load a power supply with plethoric 3-in-1 RGB@BeamTM . The overload in long period may destroy the power supply/transformer.
6. Directly putting the controller or amplifier underwater is prohibited.


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