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Your location:Home >> Products >> Wireless Dimming Controller-WC7

Technical data
1.Input voltage:DC12V/24V;
2.Output current:6A/channel(totally 18A)
3.Control distance:20m (Freq. 433MHZ)
4.Work temperature:-20-70

Basic features
1.20 levels brighness
2.20 levels speed
3.wireless control
4.power-off protection

-Key 1:Brightness +(1-10)
-Key 2:Brightness -(1-10)
-Key 3:Speed +(1-40)
-Key 4:Mode choice +(1-9)
-Key 5:Speed -(1-40)
-Key 6:Power on/off

Function descriptions
single color static (dimming can be done)
colors jump (dimming and speed adjust)
RGB jump (dimming and speed adjust)
colors gradual change(speed adjust)

Mode descriptions

1.static red
2.static yellow
3.static green
4.static cyan
5.static blue
6.static purple
7.static white
8.seven colors jumps
9.colors gradually change in circles

Output (the colors of the wires red/green/blue
accordingly indicate the light colors)


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